GeoService Finder

GeoService Finder helps you find existing geographic services and software relevant to Minnesota and share geographic services and software that you have created. 

What are geographic services?

  • Internet applications that display maps
  • On-line services that developers can use when creating new applications (for example, a geocoding engine or an image server)
  • Software components (such as a development template for Minnesota MapServer)


The GeoService Finder database can be accessed in a number of ways.


  • Title : alphabetic listing of services in the catalog
  • Topic: thematic categories (i.e. Environment, Health...)
  • Type: Resource type (i.e. Online service, Software components...)



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If you develop or support geographic services or software and would like to make them available to the larger community:

  1. First browse or search the catalog for examples of the types of resources it contains.
  2. More information is available to help you decide if your software or service is appropriate to include.

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GeoService Finder was created in conjunction with MetroGIS 
See GeoService Finder project report from 2007