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  • CTU Web Service: A SOAP Webservice used to find current information about Cities, Townships and Unorganized Territories (CTUs) in the 7 County region of the Twin Cities, MN.  The GNIS Code is the primary identifier used for finding more information about a CTU. FIPS55 code can be provided to get the GNIS code. Also a list of all the CTUs and their GNIS code can be returned. (Service)
  • DNR Data Deli Web Mapping Service: Provides access to selected spatial data layers using the OGC Web Mapping Services protocol.  The data layers are on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' Data Deli. Note that many of the layers are scale-based and are grayed out until you zoom in to a certain scale. (Service)
  • MetroGIS DataFinder WFS: DataFinder offers 17 WFS containing over 150 datasets total. (Service)
  • MetroGIS DataFinder WMS: DataFinder offers 18 WMS containing over 150 datasets total.  The layers in the WMS are organized into the same categories as the DataFinder Catalog. While OGC Capabilities files are available for WMS and WFS, these contain only basic information. To understand which layers are in each map service and relate the dataset name to its metadata record, please use the DataFinder Catalog together with the WMS webpage. (Service)
  • Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo) Geospatial Image Server : MnGeo's Geospatial Image Server has been developed to provide versatile access to large statewide raster databases according to the Open GIS Consortiumís Web Map Service (WMS) standards. (Service)