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  • AirPhotos Online: Airphotos Online is an Internet service providing you with direct access to the most recent color infrared aerial photographs taken by Minnesota DNR for forest management.   Airphotos Online allows viewing, downloading and ordering of digital and hardcopy airphoto products. Users locate photos of interest by navigating through the photo database with a map window and mouse, or by entering place names or land descriptions. Photos can be viewed on your computer at three levels of resolution. Low and medium resolution views can be viewed and downloaded without charge. High-resolution views can be purchased online by credit card and saved in your personal online Album, from which you can view, download or print them as often as you like. All DNR aerial photos may also be purchased in hardcopy form as prints and enlargements. Airphotos Online provides forms and instructions for buying these by phone or mail. (Remote application)
  • DNR Data Deli: Allows users to download selected geospatial data files, with accompanying documentation.  The Data Deli, from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, is an internet-based spatial data acquisition site that allows users to download raw computer-readable data for use in their Geographic Information System (GIS), image processing system, or traditional database environment. The site includes links to extensive and summary level data descriptions (metadata) to support our users. (Remote application)
  • DNR Data Deli Web Mapping Service: Provides access to selected spatial data layers using the OGC Web Mapping Services protocol.  The data layers are on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' Data Deli. Note that many of the layers are scale-based and are grayed out until you zoom in to a certain scale. (Service)
  • IFSAR: IFSAR technology maps large areas more quickly and more efficiently than any other technology in the world. A fixed-wing aircraft, equipped with IFSAR, can operate day or night, in clear or cloudy conditions— virtually anywhere, anytime. IFSAR is advanced, flexible, and capable of handling a high volume of data. This means it is less expensive than competing technologies, while still providing you with highly-accurate (+\- 1 Meter) digital elevation products that can enable a wide range of innovative applications. Intermap’s IFSAR systems use two antennas separated by an interferometric baseline to image the earth’s surface by transmitting radar pulses toward the terrain. The reflected energy, represented by the lines from the two antennas to the terrain below,is recorded by both antennas, simultaneously providing the system with two SAR images containing amplitude and phase of the same point on the ground, separated only by the phase difference created by the space between the two antennas. In addition, as the aircraft passes over the terrain, global positioning system (GPS) data from both aircraft- and ground-based GPS devices and navigation data from an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) onboard the aircraft are collected. The phase difference between the antennas for each image point — along with range, baseline, GPS, and navigation data — is used to infer the precise topographic height of the terrain being imaged. This enables us to create an interferogram (depicting the phase difference) from which we derive our DSMs and ORIs. Through additional processing, we generate our DTM and CORI products. (Standalone application)
  • MetroGIS DataFinder WMS: DataFinder offers 18 WMS containing over 150 datasets total.  The layers in the WMS are organized into the same categories as the DataFinder Catalog. While OGC Capabilities files are available for WMS and WFS, these contain only basic information. To understand which layers are in each map service and relate the dataset name to its metadata record, please use the DataFinder Catalog together with the WMS webpage. (Service)
  • NorthStar Mapper: This mapping website displays air photos, land cover, topo maps and other reference information for Minnesota.  The site allows users to: - Navigate directly to a county, city, civil or public land survey (PLS) township; - View a customized attribute report on any spot they identify; - Find the elevation of any point; - Display a full PLS description for any township/range/section; - Define an area from which vector or raster data layers can be clipped, zipped and downloaded to their computer; - Find the legislative districts of an area and link to Legislators’ websites; - Save a map graphic to use in a report; - Bookmark and share URLs of noteworthy views. (Remote application)