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  • MetroGIS DataFinder WMS: DataFinder offers 18 WMS containing over 150 datasets total.  The layers in the WMS are organized into the same categories as the DataFinder Catalog. While OGC Capabilities files are available for WMS and WFS, these contain only basic information. To understand which layers are in each map service and relate the dataset name to its metadata record, please use the DataFinder Catalog together with the WMS webpage. (Service)
  • Metropolitan Council - Maps: Maps pages that provide quick and easy access to maps and information about the 7-county Twin Cities metropolitan region. (Remote application)
  • Minnesota Social: This is a WMS service containing GIS layers that fall into the category of Social features.  Currently this consists of correctional facilities. The link below will return the GetCapabilities document which has the information necessary to use this service. (Service)
  • MMB Minnesota Recovery Map: This Web Map application shows current ARRA (American Recovery & Reinvestment Act) spending in Minnesota that is administered by state agencies. MMB (Minnesota Management and Budget) partnered with the Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MGIO or MnGeo) to process their ARRA project data quarterly and display it on the interactive map as aggregated county icons and individual project pushpins. The data is organized into 8 spending categories: Overall, Health/Human Services, Education, Transportation, Energy/Environment, Housing, Economic Development and Public Safety. The second phase of the project will involve updates to the web map including new choropleth maps as well as automation of the data processing. Background map is the ESRI 2D World Streetmap image that shows counties, roads, city points, water bodies, parks/forests and elevation shading. The second phase choropleth maps will also contain school districts and DEED workforce service areas. (Standalone application)
  • Recreation Compass: The Recreation Compass is a web-based application that allows the public to find out more about recreational resources offered by the DNR through interactive maps. (Remote application)