Metropolitan Council - Maps

Creation date: 2005-01-01
Publication date: 2005-01-01
Abstract: Maps pages that provide quick and easy access to maps and information about the 7-county Twin Cities metropolitan region.
Status: Completed
Purpose: The Maps pages at offer tools and applications that make it possible for users, both novices and seasoned Geographic Information Systems professionals, to quickly profile any community in the Metro at the click of a button; to explore land use and demographic changes for communities sub regions, and the entire 7-county area; to find and print pre-made maps from the Map Gallery, which is stocked with more than 1000 maps; to make a custom map suitable for printing with access to over 100 data layers, and a suite of mapping tools.
Service type: Remote application
Topic category: Society, Transportation, Boundaries, Economy, Environment
Distributor: Mark Kotz,
Developer: Alison Slaats,

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