NorthStar Mapper

Edition: 1
Creation date: 2005-01-01
Publication date: 2005-01-01
Abstract: This mapping website displays air photos, land cover, topo maps and other reference information for Minnesota.  The site allows users to: - Navigate directly to a county, city, civil or public land survey (PLS) township; - View a customized attribute report on any spot they identify; - Find the elevation of any point; - Display a full PLS description for any township/range/section; - Define an area from which vector or raster data layers can be clipped, zipped and downloaded to their computer; - Find the legislative districts of an area and link to Legislatorsí websites; - Save a map graphic to use in a report; - Bookmark and share URLs of noteworthy views.
Status: Completed
Purpose: The current release of NorthStar Mapper is intended to provide basic layers and functions of interest to a broad audience.
Service type: Remote application
Topic category: Imagery base maps earth cover, Inland waters, Transportation, Boundaries, Elevation, Environment
Extent: Minnesota
Distributor: Nancy Rader,
Developer: Jim Dickerson,

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