MetroGIS Geocoder Software

Creation date: 2005-01-01
Publication date: 2005-01-01
Abstract: MetroGIS open source geocoder software  DO NOT USE DOWNLOAD THE SOFTWARE IF YOU JUST WANT TO USE THE GEOCODING SERVICE. A GEOCODING SERVICE BASED ON THIS SOFTWARE IS HOSTED BY LMIC. However, you can get and use a copy of the software for your own purposes. It is open source. The software was intended for use with MetroGIS regional datasets, but could be used with any dataset(s). Intention is to use the MetroGIS Regional Parcel dataset then cascade to TLG roads.
Status: Completed
Purpose: The MetroGIS geocoder software was developed to be an open source geocoder that would offer a geocoding service using the best data for the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. The geocoder software has been testing with the MetroGIS Regional Parcel dataset then cascading to use The Lawrence Group (TLG) street centerlines.
Service type: Standalone application
Topic category: Planning cadastre, Transportation
Distributor: Mark Kotz,
Developer: Alison Slaats,

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