Telephone Exchange Service Area Boundaries for Minnesota

In cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Commerce (formerly the Department of Public Service), the Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo, formerly LMIC) has produced a statewide view of telephone exchange service areas. This map shows the boundaries of more than 700 telephone exchange service areas, in addition to county boundaries, area codes and LATA zones. LATA (Local Access and Transport Area) zones define the areas within which Qwest was formerly restricted to provide long-distance service. No such restriction exists today.

The major telecommunications companies are color-coded, the Twin Cities metropolitan area is enlarged on an inset map, and all exchanges are listed by company. A cross-reference grid helps to locate exchanges on the map. An inset shows the Duluth wire center boundaries ("wire center" refers to the area to which local service is provided by one or more switches located at a single point).

MnGeo has worked with the Department of Commerce to ensure the accuracy of the data portrayed on this map. However, this map is intended to provide only a statewide overview of telephone exchanges and is not to be used for detailed site analysis or as a legal document or to be construed as final. To view official maps of particular exchanges, contact the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

2007 Maps and GIS Data

Online PDF Maps

The March 2007 map is available free online in PDF format; the Minnesota Telecom Alliance paid for the changes to be made and the map includes their logo. Three versions are available:

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The data is in shapefile format and is free online via the documentation.

You need to have and be familiar with GIS software in order to use the files.

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2003 Maps and GIS Data

The 2003 versions of the map and GIS data remain available online:

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