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How can you contribute? Do you create, manage or know about ELEVATION or IMAGERY data, either already collected or being planned? If so, please take a few minutes to share the details. To add information to the inventory, begin by creating your own user account. This registration step will result in a password protected, personal workspace for you to use later to create, update and otherwise manage the information you provide. To get started, click on the link marked REGISTER. If you have already created an account, simply click LOGIN.

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Sponsored by FEMA, the Minnesota Statewide Elevation and Imagery Inventory (SEII) is a community effort designed to gather and share information about high density elevation and digital aerial photography data in and around the state. This effort seeks to better understand current data or data sets that are planned to be acquired in the near future. There is no intention to obtain or distribute data; simply to inform potential users or investment partners.  The information being gathered includes:

  • The type of data collected, or planned to be collected;
  • Details about its quality and spatial extent; and
  • Who to contact for more information.


The survey is intended to be filled out by project managers, sponsors or stewards of digital elevation or aerial photography for cities, watersheds, counties, utility corridors, regional or statewide programs.


The goal of SEII is to provide critical information about digital elevation or aerial photography to local, state and federal organizations, the private sector and Minnesota’s citizens so that they can use what's currently available and plan future data collection projects. Armed with this knowledge, more cost-effective collaborations will become possible and funds for new projects better leveraged and more wisely invested.

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