Dataset Record: Black and White 2005 MARKHURD Digital Orthophotos, Twin Cities Metropolitan Area

Footprint drawn from bounding box coordinates            
Data Type: Imagery
Source: Aerial
Type: Black amd white
Nominal post spacing: ---
Rectification: Ortho rectified
Data collection start date: April 8, 2005
Data collection end date: April 15, 2005
Update frequency: As needed
Distribution restrictions: Yes, with some restrictions
License: License required
Surface description: ---
Datum, vertical: ---
Datum, horizontal: NAD 83 - North American Datum of 1983
Ellipsoid: GRS - Geodetic Reference System of 1980
Break lines: ---
Ground resolution: 0.6 Meters
Vertical accuracy: No response provided
Test of vertical accuracy: No response provided
Horizontal accuracy: Yes- 33 Feet
Test of horizontal accuracy: No
Control monuments: No response provided
Data formats (file size):
  • GeoTIFF - Geographic Tag Image File Format (500 Mb to less than 100 Gigabyte)
  • MrSID - Multi-resolution Seamless Image Database (500 Mb to less than 100 Gigabyte)
Footprint: See map to right
Metadata: Yes
Metadata standard: Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines
Identifier: No response provided
Notes: Subject to License Agreement with the Metropolitan Council and Markhurd. Copyright and credit to Markhurd is required on all products that include the 2005 Digital Orthophotos. Licensed MetroGIS participants may not distribute or place the orthophotos on the internet. Contact MARKHURD for requests, questions or concerns.

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