Dataset Record: Wabasha County High Resolution Aerial Imagery

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Data Type: Imagery
Source: Aerial
Type: Natural color
Nominal post spacing: ---
Rectification: Ortho rectified
Data collection start date: April 25, 2008
Data collection end date: May 4, 2008
Update frequency: As needed
Distribution restrictions: Yes, with some restrictions
License: Subscription or fee required
Surface description: ---
Datum, vertical: ---
Datum, horizontal: NAD 83 - North American Datum of 1983
Ellipsoid: GRS - Geodetic Reference System of 1980
Break lines: ---
Ground resolution: 6 Inches
Vertical accuracy: No response provided
Test of vertical accuracy: No response provided
Horizontal accuracy: Yes
Test of horizontal accuracy: No
Control monuments: No response provided
Data formats (file size):
  • GeoTIFF - Geographic Tag Image File Format (100 Gb to less than 1 Terabyte)
  • MrSID - Multi-resolution Seamless Image Database (500 Mb to less than 100 Gigabyte)
Footprint: See map to right
Metadata: No
Metadata standard: ----
Identifier: No response provided
Notes: This project is in-process, and we expect to have the final product before Decmber 15th, 2008.

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