Project: City of Bemidji Photography

Description: Photography was flown by 3001 Inc. targeting done by NWS inc. Digital camera and airborn GPS was used. LIDAR was flown but not purchased by the City of Bemidji. Flight took place about May 15th 2005.The products were color ortho-rectified Mr.Sid images. A 1 foot resolution seamless mosaic was created of the entire flight area. 4 inch resolutiong Mr.Sid photos were also created for the entire flight area, these were tiled by 1/4 section. The flight area included Northern Township, Bemidji Township, the City of Bemidji and a 1 mile wide strip on the east and west sides of the townships. The total square miles was 96.
Status: Completed
Geographic extent: Minnesota; Beltrami County; Beltrami County--Bemidji City
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