Project: 2005 Fargo Metro Area Digital Color Orthophotography and LiDAR DTM Mapping Project

Description: This dataset contains 0.5, 1, 2, 4, and 8 foot resolution color digital orthophotography of 282 square miles covering the greater Fargo - Moorhead metropolitan areas. The TIF images are available in 1/4 section tiles. The source scale is 1200. All orthophotography meets National Map Accuracy Standards. LiDAR data was also acquired for a 100 square mile area in North Dakota. The area covered is roughly from I-94 (in the City of Fargo) to two miles north of the Cass\Richland County border, and from the Red River of the North to two miles west of the Sheyenne River. The LiDAR was used to generate 1 foot contour drawings in 1\4 section tile format. ASCII (x, y, z) text files are also available for theLiDAR in point and breaklines. All data is available in NAD83 North Dakota State Plane, South Zone, Foot - and in Fargo_Ground coordinate systems.
Status: Completed
Geographic extent: Minnesota; North Dakota; Clay County
Start Date: May 0, 2005
End Date: August 6, 2005
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