Project: NEXTMap USA

Description: NEXTMap: An industry landmark in national mapping and an industry benchmark in elevation data accuracy and affordability. After completing an unprecedented and highly successful mapping program in the United Kingdom, Intermap is well underway with NEXTMapUSA—a program to map the United States. NEXTMapUSA will be the fi rst comprehensive, consistent, high-resolution elevation model ever created for the United States. Our NEXTMapUSA datasets, which include digital terrain models, digital surface models, orthorectified radar imagery and orthorectified color imagery, enable countless applications such as: • Flood modeling and watershed analysis • Image rectification • Base mapping • Three-dimensional visualization • Flight simulation • Precision farming and forestry • Surface analysis Currently, in addition to the entire datasets of California, Florida, Hawaii and Mississippi, the NEXTMapUSA library includes blocks of data for Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and West Virginia. This data is available for immediate purchase off -the-shelf.
Status: In progress
Geographic extent: Minnesota; Iowa; North Dakota; South Dakota
Project data sets:
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