Project: 2005 Orthophotography

Description: This data set contains imagery flown by MARKHURD for Rice County, Minnesota. The project was funded by Rice County, the City of Faribault and the City of Northfield for creation of GIS data, planning purposes and general information. It is comprised of scanned photographs that were acquired on fresh fine grain, high-speed Kodak black and white film. Approximately 516 square miles in Rice County and 12 square miles in Dakota County were flown on April 13, 2005 in leaf-off conditions at a scale of 1= 833. Six inch pixel photography was created and orthorectified. The tiling format of the imagery is based on sections and townships in Rice and Dakota Counties. A MrSID file was generated by compressing the section tiles that cover Rice County and part of Dakota County.
Status: Completed
Geographic extent: Minnesota; Dakota County; Dakota County--Northfield City
Start Date: April 13, 2005
End Date: November 0, 2005
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