Project: Fargo-Moorhead LIDAR Survey

Description: City of Fargo Mapping: LIDAR and digital imagery (color) were acquired for a 164.5 square mile area including the cities of Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota. The data was obtained for use in updating the existing hydraulic model for the Red River through Fargo-Moorhead and for floodplain mapping for the City of Fargo. Houston Engineering, Inc. contracted with Merrick & Co. to acquire the data. A portion of the funding for the project was provided by FEMA Region VIII under the Cooperating Technical Partners (CTP) Program. Additional funding was provided by the City of Fargo and other state and local entities. The data was collected during a single flight operation in May, 2002. Final deliverables included a LIDAR DEM, break lines, 1-foot contour drawings in AutoCAD format, and color digital orthophotos. There are no restrictions on data distribution for this project.
Status: Completed
Geographic extent: Minnesota; North Dakota; Clay County; Clay County--Dilworth City; Clay County--Moorhead City
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