Project: 2005-06 Color Digital Orthophotos (6" pixel resolution)

Description: This project contains color digital orthophotos in one-half section format which collectively cover all of Anoka County. These photos are in TIFF format with a 6 inch pixel resolution. Each half section contains 200 feet of overlap to adjactent half sections. The photos were flown at a scale of 833 ft to one inch. The TIFF images were also resampled to a 1" = 2 feet resolution and tiled to cover the thirteen cities/townships. These TIFFs were then compressed at a ratio of 40:1 using Lizard Tech. "Mr.SID" software. Individual half section TIFF images can be purchased at a price of $100 per half section (private) or $60 per half section (public) from the GIS Office. 763-323-5503
Status: Completed
Geographic extent: Minnesota; Anoka County; Anoka County--Andover City; Anoka County--Anoka City; Anoka County--Bethel City; Anoka County--Centerville City; Anoka County--Circle Pines City; Anoka County--Columbia Heights City; Anoka County--Coon Rapids City; Anoka County--E
Start Date: April 0, 2005
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