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- By Ann Lewandowski Date 2012-10-26 20:37
Welcome to the Minnesota LiDAR Forum’s discussion board.

The purpose of the forum is to help LiDAR data users solve technical problems to expand the effective and accurate use of Minnesota’s LiDAR data. The focus is on natural resources conservation and management, though other LiDAR applications may be addressed.

The forum complements other training resources. While tutorials and hands-on training are important ways to start learning the intricacies and potential of LiDAR data, the bulk of learning has to happen through experience and exploring. This forum is your chance to share and learn from other users facing similar issues.

Here are some guidelines and suggestions:
* Before posting a new topic, search the forum for similar posts.
* Posts may relate to a particular software platform (e.g. ArcGIS, AutoCAD, and others), but this is not a software support forum, per se.
* Make subject lines precise and concise. Use keywords that will be help people searching the forum.
* Attach screen shots if needed to explain your issue.

See the attached help guide for more details and links to other learning resources.

Ann Lewandowski, UMN Water Resources Center
Up Topic Discussions / LiDAR Support / Welcome and help file

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