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- - By rutz Date 2013-01-31 14:30
I am not having much luck converting the lidar data from the NAD83-UTM Zone 15 coordinate system to NAD83 Harn for Morrison County (US Feet). Is there another step to get the elevations to read in feet instead of meters? I downloaded the appropriate .gdb file and can see the data just fine, i simply need it to be in the coordinate system we are using. I am using ArcMAP 10.1. Thanks!
Parent - - By Tim Loesch Date 2013-01-31 18:46
You can't change the vertical units using the projection tool in ArcMAP.

Once you project the data from UTM to Morrison county coordinates you'll need to use Spatial Analyst to convert the cell values from meters to feet.

I normally use the raster calculator in spatial Analyst to get this done.

Parent - By Ann Lewandowski Date 2013-01-31 20:07
For step-by-step instructions for converting cell values from meters to feet using Spatial Analyst, see page 8 of Basics Exercise 2: Raster Processing at These are materials from the "Conservation Applications of LiDAR" workshops. (Note: this exercise is being updated and may not be posted for another week. Contact me at alewand @ if you need it sooner.)
Ann Lewandowski
Up Topic Discussions / LiDAR Support / Coordinate Conversion

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