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Database design and structure, 2007

12.  Which of the following graphic features (layers) are a part of your digital parcel database?
Yes No   Yes No  
 PLSS framework - lowest level identified:  Easements  - Type?  (i.e. utility, scenic..)
Deed/title boundaries Original lot lines
Tax parcel boundaries Building footprints (i.e. planimetrics)
Parcel bearings and distances Other planimetric data
Right of way plats Building centroids
Road rights-of-way Railroad rights-of-way
Road rights-of-way acquired in fee Subdivision or plat boundaries, condominiums, registered land surveys
Road rights-of-way acquired in easement Waterbodies
Road names Waterbody Source:
Geocoded roads  (roads have been developed with address ranges) Waterbody Source Date:
Road Centerlines  - based on:  
Are road centerline sources differentiated in the database?      
13.  What is the horizontal positional accuracy of your parcel boundaries in the following percentage categories?  If multiple accuracies exist within the data; the total should equal 100%
 Less than 1 foot 1-25%  26-50%   51-75%  76-99%  100%
1 3 feet  1-25%  26-50%   51-75%  76-99%  100%
3  10 feet  1-25%  26-50%   51-75%  76-99%  100%
10 20 feet  1-25%  26-50%   51-75%  76-99%  100%
20 30 feet  1-25%  26-50%   51-75%  76-99%  100%
30 40 feet  1-25%  26-50%   51-75%  76-99%  100%
 Greater than 40 feet 1-25%  26-50%   51-75%  76-99%  100% 
14.  What is the primary coordinate system used by your organization for digital parcel data?    

15.  What is the primary horizontal datum used by your organization for digital parcel data?


16.  Can a single parcel polygon be coded with more that one parcel ID number?
Yes       No     Unknown      
(See example below)

17.  Is one parcel ID number ever shared by more than one parcel polygon?  
Yes       No     Unknown
 (See example below) 
18.  Do ALL parcel polygons have an identification number?    
Yes       No     Unknown  
 (See example below)
(e.g., Are there some types of parcel polygons that do not have an ID number? - gaps, roads, water areas, railroad, etc)
19.  Are Right of Way parcels assigned a parcel ID number?      Yes       No     Unknown    
20.  Are parcel ID numbers retired when the parcel boundary changes?     Yes       No     Unknown    
(e.g., when a lot is split, is a new ID number assigned to each of the new parcels and the original ID number retired?)
21.  Can a linkage be made between digital parcel mapping and tax roll/assessment databases?
(e.g., to support thematic mapping of attributes such as assessed value, assessment class, and ownership)
Yes, such a linkage is simple
Yes, but on a project-by-project basis with some additional manipulation of digital parcel mapping and /or the tax roll / assessment database

22. Have any statistical tests been done to determine attribute accuracy?
Example: Is there a one-to-one correlation between the spatial parcel dataset records and the attribute database records? Records in the attribute database that were not mapped or are missing in the spatial dataset OR parcels that are mapped in the spatial dataset that do not have corresponding records in the attribute database

Yes - Percentage of attribute accuracy?  %

23.  Tiling Scheme - if one exists?  Please check all that apply

Section Region
Township None
County Other,  Please describe:
24.  How frequently do you update your digital parcel map?
Daily Quarterly Varies
Weekly Bi-annually Unknown
Monthly Yearly Other,  Please describe:  
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