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Parcel Status
  Layer 1 Layer 2  
Digital parcel maps: Yes/No
Data development status
Percent digital parcels
Data Lineage
  Layer 1 Layer 2  
Completed in-house or by vendor
Maintained in-house or by vendor
Data topology
Data documentation (metadata)
Metadata type
      Parcel Mapping Method:
Digitized/no adjustment
Digitized/adjusted to PLSS
COGO/no adjustment
COGO/adjusted to geographic framework
Digitized/Ortho_Aerial adjustment
Incorporated existing data
Data Design and Structure
  Layer 1 Layer 2  
      Database design:
Database features
Deed/title boundaries
Tax parcel boundaries
PLSS framework
Subdivision or plat boundaries
Right of way plats
Railroad rights-of-way
Building footprints
Other planimetric data
Building centroids
Parcel bearings and distances
Original lot lines
Geocoded roads
Road Centerlines
Road names
Road centerline sources differentiated
Waterbody source
Waterbody source date
Road rights-of-way

Other Data Design and Structure questions:
Coordinate system
Primary datum
Tiling scheme
Update frequency
      Parcel Data Horizontal Accuracy:
Less than 1 foot
1 . 3 feet
3 . 10 feet
10 . 20 feet
20 . 30 feet
30 . 40 feet
Greater than 40 feet
      PIN Number Coding:
Unique PIN number
Shared PIN number
Complete PIN numbers
Right-of-Way PIN numbers
Retired PIN numbers
Parcel data/Tax data link
Software and File Formats
  Layer 1 Layer 2  
      Software Used to Create/Maintain Digtial Parcel Data:
ArcView, ArcGIS
ArcInfo, ArcGIS
      Format Used to Store Digital Parcel Data:
      Digital Parcel Data Distribution Format:
Does not distribute
      Software Used to Manage Land Record Attributes:
Word Processing
Fox Pro
Other Software
      Format Used to Store Land Record Attributes:
Data Distribution Procedures
  Layer 1 Layer 2  
Data distribution method
Internet access to digital parcel data
      Data Distribution Policies:
Formal data distribution policy developed
Use of Copyright
Use of License Agreement
Use of Restrictive language
Use of Disclaimer
Charge for distribution costs only - PUBLIC
Charge for distribution costs only - PRIVATE
Charge to recover development costs - PUBLIC
Charge to recover development costs - PRIVATE
Survey Control
  Layer 1 Layer 2  
Surveyor Employment (County Only)
Surveyor Employment (Non-County Only)
Full or Part Time Surveyor
Relationship between GIS and Surveyors' Office
Current Remonumentation
Planned Remonumentation
Remonumented PLSS section corners
PLS corner certificates completed
Corner coordinates tied to HARN
Maintain Certificate of Surveys
      Source Data Used for Survey Control:
GPS positions
Monumented corners/geodetic control
Monumented corners/NO geodetic control
Public domain data
Photo interpreted section corners
Other survey control data source
      Source Data Accuracy:
Less than 1 foot
1 . 3 feet
3 . 10 feet
10 . 20 feet
20 . 30 feet
30 . 40 feet
Greater than 40 feet
Other Accuracy
      Gap and Overlap Management:
Display of gaps and overlaps
Scale of gap and overlap display
Method of gap and overlap display

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