Welcome to the Statewide Parcel Map Inventory

First conducted in 2003, updated in 2004 and again in 2007, the Statewide Parcel Map Inventory SPMI is a unique accounting of existing and planned public GIS cadastre systems in Minnesota.  The inventory captures the method of parcel data development, frequency of maintenance, development standards, distribution practices, re-monumentation efforts, and other key information.  Accessed via an easy-to-use web-based reporting and mapping system, previous SPMI results have proven beneficial to contributing organizations and the general public as they seek to better understand the status of digital parcel mapping in their area of interest or across the state.  The inventory has reduced redundant efforts between agencies to collect or develop parcel data.  It has also fostered cooperation between Mn/DOT and others, leading to improved working relationships and increased knowledge exchange.

Survey Instructions

To update an existing survey, or complete the survey for the first time, you need to be a registered user.  Please visit our user account at http://www.lmic.state.mn.us/chouse/SPMI/Users/user_login.html.  To navigate through the site, fill out each page, updating each question/field as necessary, and then use the "Next", "Save", or "Previous" buttons at the bottom.  The form will ONLY save using the navigation buttons located at the bottom of each page.  You may also navigate using the links on the left-hand navigation bar, though such navigation will not save any changes supplied.

The SPMI survey has been divided into sections, as described below.  If you are a registered user, please take a moment to review each section and consider who in your organization is the most appropriate person to complete that section.  You may exit the survey, save or NOT save your changes, and return at any time to complete the survey!

 Parcel Status:  Basic information concerning your organization's parcel data development and mapping activities.

 Data Lineage:  Provides a description of how your parcel database/cadastre was created, contributing data sources and scales.

 Database Design:  Information about how the current database is built, accuracies and attributes are described.

 Software and Formats:  This section describes software used to manage and/or distribute digital parcel data for your organization.

 Data Distribution:  Information concerning distribution methods and policies, if any.

 Survey Control:  Questions concerning accuracies, surveyor activity and remonumentation.

 Organizational Contacts:  This section provides information about the principal contacts within your organization.

This survey was financed by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.  Technical support, including web hosting services, have been provided by the Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo).  For further information, click on the About link found in the left-hand navigation bar.