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Parcel data development status, 2007

1.  Is geo-spatial parcel data available for your jurisdiction?          Yes          No 
 2.  If NO, how is parcel data currently mapped?   Please check all that apply.
Indexed books
Preliminary maps
Parcel data as needed by departmental project
Plat maps or certified surveys
Half section maps
What is the scale of the maps?     1:
  How complete are the maps?           
Other,  please describe below:
3. Which one of the following stages most closely describes the current status of your digital parcel data development?
No current digital parcel mapping in place or any plans to implement digital parcel mapping at this time.
Parcel mapping is planned, but have not initiated any activities towards establishing prerequisites for parcel data development.
Parcel mapping activities are in the initiation stage.
Activities are directed toward establishing prerequisites for parcel data development (any of the following: cost/benefit analysis being conducted, creating a GIS/technology committee, reviewing existing systems, performing a needs assessment)
Parcel data is in development stage. 
Geodetic control creation, PLS remonumentation, digital plat construction, parcel data construction
Parcel data development is nearing completion or is complete. 
Existing data is being used for routine queries and parcel data information retrieval by one or more departments
Parcel data/GIS data development is in the analysis stage.
Existing parcel and other GIS data is used to perform complex queries and has links to other databases, such as, E911, parcel tax information, CAMA, or scanned images.
Parcel data/GIS data is shared interdepartmentally, with agency decision-makers and/or served to the public.
Parcel data is viewed by various departments via an intranet and to the public via the internet or public computer station.
4.  Percentage of parcel data in digital form:
No digital parcel data
Less than 10% (digital parcel data on project need basis or as pilot project)
10% - 25%
26% - 50%
51% - 75%
76% - 99%
100% complete
5.  Have cities (or other entities) in your county developed digital parcel data?
Yes - Please list  
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