This section of the Minnesota Geographic Data Clearinghouse is a starting point to find Minnesota geospatial data needed for Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Search Tool

The GeoGateway search tool has been replaced by the Minnesota Geospatial Commons, a collaborative place for users and publishers of geospatial resources about Minnesota. Please visit the Commons and update your bookmark.


First-stop Information by Theme

First-stop information pages provide an overview of Minnesota GIS data and related resources available for each theme. Additional themes are under development.

Data Catalogs

Browse lists of GIS data sets maintained by several major data distributors in Minnesota; most data is free online.


Web Map Services

View air photos, topographic maps and other data directly using GIS software without needing to download the data.

Preview and Download Selected Data

Preview a data set, compare it with similar data and download the entire data set or choose a geographic subset of the file to download.

Minnesota Data Plans

  • Minnesota State GIS Enterprise Conceptual Architecture Design, March 2005. This document defines a high-level architecture for information technology and web-mapping interoperability in support of the goals outlined in the state’s strategic plan for GIS: the Minnesota Spatial Data Infrastructure. The structural design proposed would promote interoperability among GIS data and application providers, increasing efficiencies and reducing long-term costs in data resource and software application development. (22p., 178K., PDF) | report details
  • A Foundation for Coordinated GIS, Minnesota's Spatial Data Infrastructure: Adopted by the Minnesota Governor's Council on Geographic Information, this is a strategic plan to help Minnesota organizations more effectively achieve their business goals by using GIS, October 20, 2004. (52p., 863K., PDF) | report details
  • Guidebook to Priority GIS Data, July 1999: A report by the Governor's Council on Geographic Information that describes the status and availability of 11 key digital data themes.

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