DataLogr Metadata Entry Tool

DataLogr is a free software package that helps people input and format metadata for geographic data.  DataLogr (pronounced 'data logger') was developed and copyrighted by IMAGIN, a consortium of organizations in Michigan.


Why use it?

  • Simple:  The program is quick to learn, and a tutorial exercise and complete manual are provided.  Context-sensitive help is built-in.
  • Creates useful output formats:
    HTML:  for on-screen display, printing and for creation of webpages
    XML and SGML:  for use in web search tools
    CSV:  for importing into database programs
  • Software-independent:  It is not limited to any brand of GIS software; it only requires Microsoft Windows.
  • Flexible:  Currently, it is one of the few metadata entry software packages that can be customized.  MnGeo provides a version customized for the Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines.  Most other software tools contain the full federal standard and cannot be modified.

How to download the program

Geographic Data Clearinghouse