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Minnesota version

DataLogr icon A version of DataLogr customized for Minnesota is available from MnGeo at no charge.

System requirements

DataLogr 2.11c is a 32-bit program that runs on Windows 95 and above. Users who have previous versions should download this upgrade.

  • Windows 2000 requires this 32-bit version.
  • Windows 3.1 requires the previous 16-bit version, 2.01; contact MnGeo for a copy.

Files included with download

  • DataLogr software program (version 2.11c) with the Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines template
  • Output file formatting utility customized for the Minnesota template (creates HTML, XML, SGML and CSV formats) Revised 1/23/04
  • Tutorial exercise
  • Detailed users manual
  • Sample metadata file
  • The Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines (PDF format)

Installation procedure

By clicking the download button below and then accepting the license agreement, you will download a compressed zip file ( to your hard drive. Note that this file should be saved in a subdirectory since it will not install if it is just at a main drive directory (e.g., don't save it just at C:\\). Double-click this file in Windows Explorer to unzip the following four files:

  1. SETUP.EXE: the setup program
  2. SETUP.LST: a list required by the setup program
  3. DATALOGR.CAB: the compressed DataLogr files
  4. INSTALL.PDF: installation instructions

Double-click on SETUP.EXE to install DataLogr and its support files onto your computer.

Note:  With Windows 7, the installation will ask about replacing an OCX with an older one, and the answer should be NO.  Win7 has a compatibility troubleshooting program, so that can still be applied if necessary.

DOWNLOAD DATALOGR (2.4 megabytes)

For more information

Federal and Michigan version

Users who prefer to use the full federal metadata standard or the Michigan IMAGIN guidelines, or who need a more generic output file formatting utility, should download DataLogr from the IMAGIN website.

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