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*** NorthStar Mapper Retiring October 31, 2016 ***

NorthStar Mapper is built on older technology that MnGeo can no longer maintain, so it will retire on October 31 (or earlier since it has become very unstable and may shut down suddenly). Unfortunately, no resources are currently available to create a replacement site using new technology.

Suggestions for other websites that can perform many of NorthStar Mapper’s functions:

  • Landview
    • Display recent and historical air photos
    • Display overlay info such as roads, lakes and streams, place names and public land survey boundaries
    • Display topographic maps as a background
    • Get a high-quality graphic (PNG format) of the map display
    • Find out where a Public Land Survey (PLS) township/range/section is located. Type the township, range and, optionally, the section you'd like to display into the “Place” search box using the format: TxxxRxxSx (e.g., T137R44 or T137R44S5).
  • MnTOPO
    • Find the elevation of a point
    • Display a shaded elevation background
  • Minnesota Geospatial Commons
    • Find and download numerous geospatial datasets for Minnesota
  • Minnesota Geospatial Image Service
    • Display air photos, hillshades and topographic maps using a Web Map Service (WMS). The webpage explains how to use a WMS.
  • DNR Export to Image tool (requires ArcGIS 10 software)
    • Clip and save imagery
    • Article describing the tool’s features

If you have questions or comments about NorthStar Mapper, especially if you cannot find a replacement for a function it performed, please let us know at: gisinfo.mngeo@state.mn.us

NorthStar Mapper screen   START MAPPING          Help        Contact Us
  • Navigate the state
    • Zoom-in to areas of interest
    • Jump to a city, county or township
    • Quickly find information about a place, including its population and elevation
  • Customize and print your map
    • View color air photos
    • Look at topographic maps
    • Mix-and-match place names, roads, boundaries, lakes and streams, parks, forests, land cover and elevation
  • Share your map with a friend
  • Download data for use with GIS (geographic information systems) software
  • Internet Explorer users: If the opening screen is not centered on Minnesota as shown above or the zoom buttons do not work properly, hit the Ctrl key and the F5 key at the same time to reload NorthStar Mapper.
  • The services are restarted each morning at 5:30 a.m. and should be available again by 5:40 a.m.
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