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Teleconferencing procedures for EPC

At least 12 hours prior to the meeting, send the EPC Co-Chair an email at indicating you would like to use the teleconference feature. Include the number you will be using to connect to the meeting. This will allow call-back notification if the teleconference system fails prior to the meeting start time, or use of a “call-out” system in the event there are five callers or less who would like to participate remotely by phone. A note on the posted agenda will indicate whether the “call-in” or “call-out” system will be in use.


To use the "call-in" system to connect to an event (more than 5 callers):

Connection considerations:

Failure to connect: If an EPC event fails to connect by 5 minutes prior to the meeting start time, system status may be able to be verified by calling Steve Swazee at the cell phone number on the agenda.


To use the “call-out” system (five callers or fewer):

For smaller meetings such as those by a work group, a system will be used that calls out to the participants. The limit on this system is five callers. For EPC meetings, the posted meeting agenda will indicate if this system will be in use. If so, be at the number you have sent to the Co-Chair ten minutes prior to meeting start time and anticipate a call to you that will allow you to join the conference bridge.


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