David Arbeit

David Arbeit is Minnesota's Chief Geospatial Information Officer, chairs the State Government Geospatial Advisory Council, and is an ex-officio member of the Statewide Geospatial Advisory Council. He also directs the Office of Geographic and Demographic Analysis, a division of the Minnesota Department of Administration. As GDA Director, he oversees programs of the Minnesota Geospatial Information Office, the State Demographer, the State Archaeologist, and the Environmental Quality Board. David holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering and master's and doctoral degrees in Regional Planning from Cornell University. He has worked with geospatial technologies for more than 30 years as an educator, researcher and practitioner. David was an ex-officio member of the Minnesota Governor's Council from 1994 to 2009 and served on many of its committees. (Photo courtesy of the St. Paul Legal Ledger.)


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David has retired from Minnesota State Government.


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