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Instructions for Connecting to Meetings by Video

As videoconference technology become more common, MnGeo is increasingly using videoconferencing to allow wider access to advisory council and committee meetings.

Compatible videoconference facilities are now located in most counties and all Minnesota State College and University locations. Many state agencies also have compatible equipment please contact your videoconference administrator to learn more.

To connect to meetings via video, follow these steps:

  1. Find out who schedules your local videoconference equipment and meeting room (sometimes this is the same person, but not always - for example, the video equipment might be available but the room might be booked).
  2. Reserve both the room and the videoconference equipment for the appropriate time.
  3. Contact Nancy Rader by phone (651-201-2489) or email ( to arrange a connection as soon as possible in advance. Several days notice is very much appreciated, and at least 48 hours is required. All connections MUST be coordinated where the meeting originates. No connection will be recognized without being coordinated through MnGeo staff.

    Let us know:
    - The name of the videoconference facility you will be using
    -  Point of contact information for that facility
    - Your name, phone number and email address
  4. Confirm with the local scheduler in advance of the meeting date that the meeting time and location has been secured and that someone will be available in case of technical difficulty.
  5. Connect at the correct time and location.

Please contact MnGeo staff with questions or concerns. Also, be aware that technological problems are always a possibility and MnGeo holds no responsibility for failed connections.

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