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Above is Section 5 of a township. Acreage is given in red ink as 672.56 acres.
Quarter Section  
Above is the SW quarter of Section 5.  It is 160 acres.
Above are quarter-quarters in Section 5.   They are 48.06 and 48.11 acres.
Government Lots  
Government lots (numbered in red) along the N and W sides of a section.  Before 1866, such lots were labeled as quarter-quarters.
Government Lots
Government lots (numbered in red) along the shoreline of a lake.  Lot number 4 is 31.88 acres; 3 is 25.00 acres; and 2 is 23.00 acres.
Bearing of Line 
This bearing reads “N 89° 30’ W” (North 89 degrees, 30 minutes West).
This variance reads “V 9° 30’ E.”  The letter “V” indicates the measurement is a variance.
Distance Between Two Points
Dotted lines were sometimes used to label distances between points.  The example above measures 80.14 chains.
Distance of Line Segments  
In this example, the lake width is 26.95 chains.
Stream Width 
This stream measures 40 links across.
Witness Corner 
The text reads, “Corner in Lake, witness point 12 Chains 50 links North.”
Meander Posts 
Post numbers 32, 33, and 34, along a lake boundary.