Hydrogeologic Map of Minnesota: Bedrock Hydrogeology, from MGS (Map S-2), 1978 (Digital Version)

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Section 1 Overview
Originator Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo, formerly Land Management Information Center - LMIC) and Minnesota Geological Survey (MGS)
Title Hydrogeologic Map of Minnesota: Bedrock Hydrogeology, from MGS (Map S-2), 1978 (Digital Version)
Abstract This layer describes the bedrock hydrogeologic conditions of Minnesota as delineated and classified by the Minnesota Geological Survey. It is a digital version of the Minnesota Geological Survey State Map Series Map S-2 (Hydrogeologic Map of Minnesota: Bedrock Hydrogeology), 1978, by Roman Kanivetsky. (1:500,000). Map data was originally grid-cell-coded by MnGeo into a statewide 40-acre parcel representation in EPPL (Environmental Planners Programming Language); the EPPL file was later converted to Arc/INFO using a state transformation process.
Purpose To produce a general descriptive layer of bedrock hydrogeology for the state.
Time Period of Content Date 1978
Currentness Reference Map was delineated in 1978 based on the subsurface information available at the time.
Maintenance and Update Frequency None Planned
Spatial Extent of Data Minnesota, Statewide
Bounding Coordinates -97.5
Place Keywords Minnesota, MN, Statewide
Theme Keywords geoscientificInformation, Geology, Bedrock Geology, Subsurface, Hydrogeology, Bedrock Hydrogeology, Ground Water Resources, Hydrology
Theme Keyword Thesaurus ISO 19115 Topic Category
Access Constraints None
Use Constraints Credit to Minnesota Geological Survey for map Hydrogeologic Map of Minnesota: Bedrock Hydrogeology, MGS Map S-2, 1978, by Roman Kanivetsky. Credit to MnGeo for digital file creation.

Redistribution Conditions: In obtaining these data from MnGeo, it is understood that you and/or your organization have the right to use them for any internal purpose. If you modify them, you should document those changes in a metadata record that should accompany all redistributed data. If you transmit or provide these data in any form to another user, the data MUST be accompanied by a copy of this disclaimer and all documentation provided with the original data set including the full metadata record.
Contact Person Information Susanne Maeder, Senior Research Analyst
Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo)
658 Cedar Street
St. Paul, MN  55155
Phone: 651-201-2488
Email: gisinfo.mngeo@state.mn.us
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Associated Data Sets Map: 'Hydrogeologic Map of Minnesota: Bedrock Hydrogeology', Minnesota Geological Survey Map S-2, 1978, Roman Kanivetsky, is the basis for this data layer. Map is available from the Minnesota Geological Survey Bookstore (612) 627-4782.

Other maps and associated data sets at statewide scale include Bedrock Geology, Quaternary Geology, and Quaternary Hydrogeology.

Section 2 Data Quality
Attribute Accuracy Attributes have been verified. Fifteen polygons within the state have a bedrock geology code of 0. Of these, 14 occur in the Red River Valley and are single or double grid cells (Originally 40-acre cells in EPPL), which due to the sinuosity of the Red River, were classified as not-in-state after gridding. These were not reclassified when the file was converted to arc/info. A fifteenth unclassified polygon occurs for the same reasons at the tip of the arrowhead.
Logical Consistency
Completeness State file is complete.
Horizontal Positional Accuracy
Lineage Grid Cell Coding:
Base map data were encoded using manual map transfer and grid overlay techniques. Coding was done on the 1:500,000 statewide paper map. The dominant hydrogeologic feature was coded for each forty-acre parcel.

Conversion to Arc Format (mid-1980's):
EPPL Statewide data set was converted into Arc/INFO format using an .svf (single variable file) input. The coverage in Arc/INFO keeps the 'stairstep' nature of the original grid data set. File remained in EPPL coordinates.

Conversion to UTM Zone 15 NAD83 (1999):
The file was converted from unprojected EPPL grid coordinates to UTM, Zone 15, NAD27, using a statewide map transformation. A TICFILE with 50 points statewide was used to transform the 'flat' 40-acre file into a file with a projection. The file was then converted from NAD27 to NAD83 using the arc 'PROJECT' command.

Conversion to Shapefile Format
File was converted to ArcGIS shapefile format 12/24/2013.

Section 3 Spatial Data Organization (not used in this metadata)

Section 4 Coordinate System
Horizontal Coordinate Scheme Universal Transverse Mercator
UTM Zone Number 15E
Horizontal Datum NAD83
Horizontal Units meters

Section 5 Attributes
Detailed Citation Relevant data fields:

BDRKHYDR_C Bedrock Hydrogeology Code (Integer)
BDRKHYDR_K Bedrock Hydrogeology Key (Text 50)

Bedrock Hydrogeologic Codes are as follows:

1 Cretaceous Aquifer
3 Red River-Winnipeg Aquifer
8 Keweenawan Volcanic Rocks Aquifer
9 Sioux Quartzite Aquifer
10 Proterozoic Aquifer
11 Biwabik Iron Formation Aquifer
12 Precambrian Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks
32 Mount Simon - Hinckley - Fond du Lac Aquifer
48 Franconia-Ironton-Galesville Aquifer
56 Prairie du Chien - Jordan Aquifer
60 St. Peter Aquifer
62 Cedar Valley - Maquoketa - Duluth - Galena Aquifer
Table Detail:

Section 6 Distribution
Publisher Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo)
Publication Date 1985
Contact Person Information Susanne Maeder, Senior Research Analyst
Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo)
658 Cedar Street
St. Paul, MN  55155
Phone: 651-201-2488
Email: gisinfo.mngeo@state.mn.us
Distributor's Data Set Identifier bdrkhydr
Distribution Liability MnGeo's data disclaimer is online: www.mngeo.state.mn.us/chouse/disclaimer.html
Ordering Instructions This data set is distributed on the internet by clicking below after Online Linkage. Doing so will tell your browser to start downloading a 'ZIP' file which will contain the following:

- Arc GIS shapefile.
- Legend file (bdrkhydr.leg) for the dataset
- Metadata (bdrkhydr.htm and bdrkhydr.xml) files for the dataset
- NOTICE.RTF, an important notice about this data set that can be read by most word processing software, and an ascii text version of the same notice (NOTICE.TXT)
Online Linkage I AGREE to the notice in "Distribution Liability" above. Clicking to agree will either begin the download process or link to download information. See "Ordering Instructions" above for details.

Section 7 Metadata Reference
Metadata Date 04/11/2014
Contact Person Information Nancy Rader, GIS Data Coordinator
Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo)
658 Cedar Street
St. Paul, MN  55155
Phone: 651-201-2489
Email: gisinfo.mngeo@state.mn.us
Metadata Standard Name Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines
Metadata Standard Version 1.2
Metadata Standard Online Linkage https://www.mngeo.state.mn.us/committee/standards/mgmg/metadata.htm

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