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The U.S. National Grid Standard has been approved as a Minnesota state standard. USNG Maps are available statewide. See a USNG overview brochure.

USNG Location Marker Proposal, v2.3 draft -- public review complete for this version.

The USNG is an effort to interlock GIS, GPS and the basic hand map in a way that creates a uniform, easy-to-use methodology for quickly geo-locating points with a high degree of accuracy. It has been endorsed by FEMA, the Federal Geographic Data Committee, and several other major organizations with an interest in geospatial awareness during disasters.

The items below were compiled by the Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) to promote interest and understanding of the U.S. National Grid.

National Articles  |  MN Articles  |  Support Letters  |  Implementation  |  Training Lectures  |  Training Materials  |  Search & Rescue  |  National Tools  |  MN Tools  |  Cartographic Stuff  |  Map Reading & Grids

National background articles

Minnesota background articles

Letters of recommendation/support

Other implementation efforts

Training lectures

Training support materials

(WARNING – Do not use the “auto rotate”, “scale to fit”, “print to fit” or any similar feature of your printer when printing the grid reader or training maps below. Those printer features will destroy the accuracy and utility of the training items!)

Search and Rescue Responder Information

National USNG Mapping Related Systems and Tools

Minnesota USNG Mapping Related Systems and Tools

Stuff for Cartographers

General Information on Map Reading and Grids


The EPC does not endorse any commercial products which may appear in files referenced here. All information has been provided for educational purposes only.

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