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GLO Historic Plat Map

Retrieval System


Download, View and Print Instructions

A copy of each digital Public Land Survey plat map accessible through this site can be downloaded and saved to your computer, viewed as a continuous layer, or printed.
  • Download to your local computer

To save the image, click the link in the "download" section of the image selection table (available by searching the collection).

A dialogue box will open asking you to open or save - choose "save" and browse to a location on your computer where you want to save the image - then press "save". Once the image has been downloaded to your computer, you can click on the file and it will open automatically, provided you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

  • View the maps as a continuous layer using a web map service (WMS)
  • Print a Copy

Options to get a printed copy of a plat map:

  1. Print directly from the Adobe Acrobat Reader program - the maps are approximately 20 x 22 inches
  2. Download and bring a copy of the digital file to a commercial printer
  3. Contact the Minnesota Historical Society Library