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2010 Governor's Commendation

A Minnesota Governor's Commendation award for GIS will be presented at the GIS/LIS Conference in Duluth, Minnesota, October 14, 2010 to:

The Emergency Preparedness Committee and Stephen Swazee

Under Steve Swazee’s leadership, the Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) has become an effective advocate for promoting, coordinating, and standardizing GIS use for emergency preparedness and response statewide. An active EPC was especially effective in facilitating sharing of data, expertise and technology among responders during the 2009 Red River Valley floods and has continued to build on that experience.  The EPC also has developed new training programs for using GIS for Emergency Management and continues to shape GIS for Emergency Management within the state.  It has promoted GIS standards and guidelines such as the U.S. National Grid (USNG).

For more information, see the Emergency Preparedness Committee website

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