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Hydrogeomorphology Workgroup

A Workgroup of the 3D Geomatics Committee


Mission and Work Plan

Workgroup Membership


Workgroup Members

Name Organization Email
Ann Banitt Army Corps of Engineers
Andrea Bergman MNIT Department of Natural Resources
Jen Crea MNIT Pollution Control Agency
Matt Drewitz Board of Soil and Water Resources
Thomas Hollenhorst US Environmental Protection Agency
Brandon Krumwiede National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Rick Moore MNIT Department of Natural Resources
Sarah Porter USDA - Agricultural Research Service
Kiah Sagami Houston Engineering, Inc.
Jamie Schulz MNIT Department of Natural Resources
Sean Vaughn MNIT Department of Natural Resources


Meeting Minutes

Workgroup meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Click on a date to view the minutes for that meeting.





Authoritative Statewide Datasets

Federal Datasets

State Datasets

Data and Application Resources

Project Resources

Document Resources

Hydrography Project Examples

Title Organization Description Contact
National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) MnGeo Performed updates to and tests of Minnesota's portion of the NHD. NHD is the United States Geological Survey’s digital representation of the nation's surface water features such as lakes, rivers and streams that are networked together for display, analysis and planning purposes. MnGeo
Cultural Corridors MnGeo Created maps of river courses used by Indian Tribes for travel (cultural corridors) MnGeo
Various State Flood Emergencies MnGeo Prepared river gage, inundation and county emergency remediation maps and participated in real-time GIS-related monitoring of state flooding events at the State Emergency Operation Center (SEOC). MnGeo
National Environmental Information Exchange Network (NEIEN) 2008 Project MnGeo Researched and documented the processes necessary for moving Minnesota to a single GIS hydrographic dataset for all state and federal agencies. MnGeo
Altered Watercourse Project MnGeo Digitized all visible human-modified streams of the state using NHD and various aerial imagery and data layers for Minnesota Pollution Control Agency biological monitoring and assessment activities. MnGeo
Buffer Mapping Project DNR/BWSR The GIS portion of Minnesota's buffer law is to produce and maintain a map of public waters and public ditch systems that require permanent vegetation buffers. The map is helping to guide the implementation of Minnesota's buffer law by landowners, with the help of the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR), Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs), Drainage Authorities and other local governments. Andrea Bergman



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