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3DGeo Executive Steering Team

The Executive Steering Team coordinates the 3D Geomatics Committee and serves as the hub for the subject-matter workgroups shown in the graphic.



Name Workgroup/Sector Agency Email
Jennifer Corcoran Forestry, Vegetation Department of Natural Resources
Jack Kluempke Infrastructure/Commerce Department of Commerce
Colin Lee Infrastructure/State Department of Transportation
Clinton Little Stakeholder/Manager Department of Natural Resources
Joel Nelson Hydrography/Education University of Minnesota
Mark Reineke Hydrography/Private Widseth
Dan Ross At Large
Chris Sanocki Hydrography/Federal U.S. Geological Survey
Gerry Sjerven Infrastructure/Utility (Co-Chair) Minnesota Power
Sean Vaughn Hydrography/State (Co-Chair) MNIT Department of Natural Resources


Meeting Minutes

Click on a date to view the minutes for that meeting.



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