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2014 Governor's Commendation

From left: Ron Wencl (USGS); Colin Lee (MnDOT); Tim Loesch (DNR); Dan Ross (presenter), Nancy Rader (MnGeo); Les Everett (UofM)

A Minnesota Governor's Geospatial Commendation award was presented at the GIS/LIS Conference in Rochester, Minnesota, October 2, 2014 to:

The Minnesota Elevation Mapping Project

The Minnesota Elevation Mapping Project, under the direction of Tim Loesch, developed and delivered a seamless high-accuracy digital elevation dataset of the State of Minnesota using data collected with LiDAR technology. The data was acquired and compiled using a consistent set of specifications and was made possible by a partnership of organizations from all levels of government as well as from the academic and private sectors.

Accurate topographic information is greatly enhancing the ability of decision makers and resource managers to understand Minnesota's landscape and is providing the foundation for developing innovative, effective, and defensible resource management strategies. The project has enabled the flow of accurate topographic information between all organizations and the general public.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources was the project's lead agency, and the Minnesota Legacy Amendment's Clean Water Fund provided base funding to ensure that the project could be completed. Major collaborating organizations were the Minnesota Geospatial Information Office, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the University of Minnesota and the U.S. Geological Survey. Additional contributors were the Digital Elevation Committee, LiDAR Research and Education Subcommittee, and county partners.

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