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2015 Governor's Commendation

Dan Ross (MnGeo) presented the award to Heather Albrecht (Consortium chair)

A Minnesota Governor's Geospatial Commendation award was presented at the GIS/LIS Conference in Duluth, Minnesota, October 8, 2015 to:

The Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium

The Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium is recognized for 25 years of dedication to its mission to develop and support the GIS professional in Minnesota for the benefit of our state and its citizens. A collaborative, volunteer-based organization, the Consortium has supported the community through the multiple opportunities it offers related to GIS education and networking events. Most prominently, it organizes an annual conference that brings together geospatial professionals from all sectors. It also provides technical workshops each spring and fall, networking events, scholarships for college students, event grants and lifetime achievement and leadership awards, and sponsors training events for the K-12 system. The award recognizes the efforts of the hundreds of volunteers that have made the Consortium successful as well as all who have realized the great value of the Consortium’s mission during the past 25 years.

For more information, see:

Many current and past Consortium board members gathered at the 25th annual Consortium conference, October 8, 2015. (From left to right) Front row: Sonia Dickerson, Kitty Hurley, Heather Albrecht, Catherine Hansen, Tami Maddio. Second row: Nancy Rader, Rick Gelbmann, Will Craig (kneeling), Jane Mueller, Sally Wakefield, Blaine Hackett, Bart Richardson, Craig Perreault, Gerry Sjerven. Third row: Ben Richason, Adam Snegosky, Les Maki (partly hidden), Rebecca Foster, Leanne Knott, Kari Geurts, Marty Mitchell (wearing hat), Michelle Trager, Zeb Thomas. Back row: Scott Freburg, David Kelley, Alan Laumeyer, Chad Martini (partly hidden), Jack Shea, Ryan Stovern, Ben Verbick, Don Yaeger, Heidi Gaedy, Matt Koukol, Randy Knippel, David Brandt.
















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