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1997 Governor's Commendations

The Minnesota Global Positioning System Advisory Group received a Certificate of Commendation from Governor Arne H. Carlson at the 1997 Minnesota GIS/LIS Annual Conference on October 3rd in St. Cloud. The commendation was given to the GPS Advisory Group to honor the committee's efforts in coordinating activities across the state and for delivering needed products to the user community. The award was presented by Ann Schluter, Director of Minnesota Planning and a member of the Governor's Executive Team.

Two major products resulting from the group's efforts are helping people in the field. A process was found to deliver statewide real-time meter-level accuracy and a licensing agreement was struck that allows all public bodies access for only $400/year/receiver for the subscription and a one-time $425 charge for the pager; some 60 state and local government agencies are taking advantage of this option. Another 150 users are achieving high-accuracy measurements using post-processing information made available on the World Wide Web through efforts of the group.

The GPS Advisory Group is a diverse group with representation from state, local, and federal governments; higher education, and the private sector. Working together, they have accomplished much. They are currently doing research and development of a network of statewide base stations for centimeter accuracy. Besides providing GPS technical support, the Advisory Group is active at the state and national levels in strategic planning for the future of GPS needs.


Global Positioning System Advisory Group

State Agencies

Dave Gorg, chair, MnDOT
Gary Elsner, Agriculture
Justin Blum, Health
Larry Swenson, DNR
John Barke, MnDOT
Joe Dobesh, MnDOT
Bob Fritz, MnDOT
Blaine McKeever, MnDOT
Don Yaeger, MN Planning
Yuan-Ming Hsu, PCA
John Foggia, MAC
Gene East, MnDOT

Federal Agencies

Dixon Hoyle, NGS
Joe Lechner, Corps of Engineers


Dave Zenk, Dunwoody Institute
Jim Rankin, St. Cloud State University
Pierre Robert, University of Minnesota


George Coulombe, Beltrami
Fred Johnson, Dakota
Ken Whitehorn, Itasca
Norm Livgard, St. Louis
Glenn Berts, St. Louis


Dave Kendall, Precision Mapping


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