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Spring Aerial Imagery of Central and Northwest Minnesota:  Spring 2013-14

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High-resolution orthophotography has been flown for 34 counties in central and northwest Minnesota. A large portion of the area was flown Spring 2013, and the remaining project area was flown in Spring 2014. Both areas are now publicly available.

Legend for the map to the right:

AeroMetric (now Quantum Spatial) was selected as the project vendor from the responses to the RFP (State Register, 12/24/12 issue, p. 1006). The RFP specified all or part of 22 counties in central Minnesota; however, the bid was favorable enough that the Northwest counties were included in this phase. 2013 buy-up partnerships are shown in the map graphic; 2014 buy-up areas were Beltrami and Polk counties.

Project brochure (2 p., 570K, PDF)


View Imagery

The imagery is available via MnGeo's WMS image service in the following layers in either natural color ("color") or color-infrared ("cir"):


The following partners contributed funding to obtain aerial photography at a higher resolution than the 50-centimeter baseline resolution funded by the State of Minnesota. Depending on how the size and arrangement of the buy-up areas influenced flight logistics, some areas were flown at both resolutions. Click on the map to see a larger version.

Areas flown only at 30-centimeter resolution:

Areas flown both at 30- and 50-centimeter resolutions

Partnership Info Meetings

The SAIP Coordinating Team explored options for buy-up partnerships with counties and local governments at the following meetings:

Project Contacts

Steve Kloiber, Project Coordinator
National Wetlands Inventory Update
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources


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