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Ground Water Data for Minnesota

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This first-stop information website provides an overview of major ground water GIS datasets, maps, scientific reports, web applications and general information available for Minnesota.

Within each page the links are organized by geographic scope ranging from local to national. After each link is the information source in parentheses along with a short description of the link's contents.

Click on the navigation links at the top of each page to move within the site.
Hover your mouse over graphics to see titles and source credits.

Note: There appears to be no consensus as to whether the spelling is ground water, ground-water or groundwater. This website will use ground water except where referenced sources have used another spelling.

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Contact and update information

The information on these webpages represents MnGeo's most up-to-date understanding of ground water data for Minnesota. If you know of other publicly available ground water information sources, please let us know:


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