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Geospatial Commons Workgroup

This workgroup was officially sunsetted 12/2/15 since the Minnesota Geospatial Commons is now operational.

The workgroup's mission was to define and facilitate the implementation of a Minnesota Geospatial Commons. The Commons was envisioned to be a coordinated, next-generation site that would allow users to find, view and download data; publish metadata and data; and find and use web services and applications. Additional proposed functions of the site included:  web service ratings and monitoring; back-end broker that connects applications to web services; user reviews of data and web services.

The workgroup was a joint effort of the MetroGIS Technical Leadership Workgroup and the Standards Committee. It included the organizations that had developed the DNR Data Deli, MN Geographic Data Clearinghouse, and DataFinder, along with other staff from state, regional, and county government.

This workgroup laid the groundwork for the current Minnesota Geospatial Commons which became publicly available July 1, 2014. As the Commons develops, it is becoming the one main location where people can find and share geospatial resources in Minnesota, replacing previous major Minnesota geospatial data discovery sites.

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Work Plan 2010-11

Check the Project Plan (pages 6-7, updated 6/7/10) and the most recent meeting materials (in next section below) for progress on the workplan.

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