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Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines


(1) Identification   (2) Data Quality   (3) Spatial Data Organization   (4) Spatial Reference   (5) Entities and Attributes   (6) Distribution    (7) Metadata Reference

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Spatial Data Organization Information

Native Data Set Environment
Geographic Reference for Tabular Data
Spatial Object Type
Vendor Specific Object Types
Tiling Scheme

FGDC Identifier
Minnesota State Element Name
Field Type
1.13  Native 
Data Set Environment 
text  free text  A description of the data set in the producer's processing environment including the software name and version number. The user may also enter the computer operating system, file name and data set size if desired. (Note: Transfer formats will be listed in Section 6.) 
3.1  Geographic Reference for Tabular Data  text  free text  Description of the types of geographic features, addressing schemes, geocodes or other means through which locations are referenced in the data set. 
3.2  Spatial Object Type  text  "point" 
The system of objects used to represent space in the data set. 
(Replacement of FGDC 3.3)  Vendor Specific Object Types  text  "arc" "area" "cell" "column" "network" "node" "label" "line" "point" "polygon" "region" "row"
"route-section" "TIN"
free text 
The spatial objects used in terms used by the software. Counts of these objects may also be entered (e.g. columns = 100, rows = 200, lines = 300, points = 400, etc.) Additional values may be used if the domain choices are not complete for a data set. 
No FGDC Equivalent  Tiling Scheme  text  free text  Description of the physical partitioning of the data set (e.g. counties, USGS 7.5 minute quad sheets, etc.). 

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