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Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines


(1) Identification   (2) Data Quality   (3) Spatial Data Organization   (4) Spatial Reference   (5) Entities and Attributes   (6) Distribution   (7) Metadata Reference

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Spatial Reference Information

Horizontal Coordinate Scheme
Raster Data Only  
Ellipsoid Cell Width 
Horizontal Datum Cell Height
Horizontal Units 
Distance Resolution 
Altitude Datum 
Altitude Units 
Depth Datum 
Depth Units
If Geographic  
If UTM  
If State Plane  
Latitude Resolution  UTM Zone Number  SPCS Zone Identifier
Longitude Resolution  Coordinate Offsets/Adjustments Coordinate Offsets/Adjustments 
If County Coordinates
If User Specified Projection 
If other
County Coordinate Zone Identifier Map Projection Name  Other Coordinate System's Definition
Coordinate Offsets/Adjustments Map Projection Parameters

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