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U.S. National Grid Maps for Minnesota

Reference maps covering Minnesota, based on the U.S. National Grid system, show the location of schools, hospitals, fire and police stations, roads and political boundaries over an air photo background.

The USNG is a standard location reference system that does not depend on landmarks or street signs. It is an efficient way to provide location information at different levels of detail and across administrative and political boundaries. The USNG is particularly useful in emergency situations.

The maps can be viewed online or downloaded and printed.

Click on picture to the right to see a sample map.

Find a USNG Map

Map help

  • Select layer switcher to change map layers
  • Select pan hand to pan map
    • Hold mouse button down and drag to pan across map.
  • Select zoom box to zoom in
    • Hold mouse button down and drag to draw zoom box or click the map to zoom to a point.
  • Click zoom out to zoom out
  • Select identify to identify USNG map
    • Click on a location to select a single USNG map or hold mouse button down and drag to draw a box to select multiple USNG maps.
  • Click full state view to return to a full state view

Alternatively, you may browse the PDF map files in the ftp directory




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