Composite Image Service for Minnesota

MnGeo’s Composite Image Service provides a single layer image service that automatically switches to an appropriate set of air photos or satellite imagery depending on the scale and extent. The images are provided as a WMS (web map service).  The primary focus is the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area and the State of Minnesota.  The secondary interest is the areas bordering Minnesota, especially Wisconsin counties close to the metro area.

Imagery is evaluated based on criteria of color, currency, resolution, coverage, season, leaf cover and image quality in order to determine which imagery to include at which scale.

The url for users to paste into their software, or for developers to access the WMS service is:

Imagery Visible at Different Scales

The layers higher in the list will show through in areas not covered by layers further down. For example, Landsat will continue to be displayed across bordering states where the FSA 2010 data does not exist.

Scale Title Geographic Area Year Season Resolution Metadata
1:250,000 and above Landsat Minnesota plus 100-200 miles into adjoining states and Canada 1999-2002 Varies 30-meter
1:250,000 - 1:10,000 FSA NAIP Minnesota 2010 Summer 1-meter
FSA NAIP western Wisconsin counties 2008 Summer 1-meter  
<1:10,000 East-Central MN Twin Cities 7-county metro;
4 counties north of the metro
2010 Spring 6-inch (Dakota, Scott);
1-foot (Anoka, Carver, Hennepin, Ramsey, Washington);
0.5-meter (Chisago, Isanti, Sherburne, Wright)
6-in. (in-progress)
Southern MN 37 counties in southern MN 2011 Spring 0.5-meter
Northern Border Areas along Minnesota's border with Canada; Lake Superior lakeshore of MN and northern Wisconsin 2009 Summer 0.3-meter
(approx. 1-foot)

remainder in-progress

 If you have imagery that you would like to suggest or contribute, or you would like to participate in the workgroup that will govern future additions, contact Matt McGuire at or (651) 602-1964.

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