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The Map Gallery provides a "First Stop" source for maps of Minnesota from many different organizations. The Gallery links to finished maps, designed for immediate viewing or downloading, and to interactive online maps, where users choose what to display from a list of available themes. Some maps appear in more than one category.

Featured maps

For more detailed maps of local areas, check city, county, township, and other local government websites and tribal government websites.


Administrative and Political Boundaries  |  Land Ownership  |  Geodetic  |  Demographics  |  Business and Economics  |  Health  |  Recreation and Tourism  |  Agriculture  |  Biology and Ecology  |  Environmental Monitoring  |  Land cover  |  Water  |  Climatology  |  Geology and Soils  |  Elevation  |  Imagery and Photographs  |  Basemaps, Scanned Maps and Charts  |  TransportationUtilities and Communication

Administrative and Political Boundaries Political and administrative boundaries and related non-boundary information

Multiple themes

Single or limited themes
Land Ownership (Cadastral) Data pertaining to interests in real property
Geodetic Networks and Control Points Earth positional information and services
Demographics Population characteristics
Business and Economics Economic activities, conditions, and employment
Human Health and Disease Health related information including health services, human ecology, and safety
Recreation and Tourism Recreation and tourism
Agriculture and Farming Information related to the rearing of animals and/or cultivation of plants
Biology and Ecology Flora and/or fauna in natural environments
Environmental Monitoring and Modeling Environmental resources, protection and conservation
Land Cover Description and characteristics of the land's surface
Water Resources Inland water features, drainage systems and their characteristics
Climatology and Meteorology Processes and phenomena of the atmosphere
Geology and Soils Composition, structure and origin of the earth's rocks and soils
Elevation Height above or below sea level and products derived from elevation
Imagery and Photographs Remotely sensed imagery and photographic data
Basemaps, Scanned Maps, and Charts General base maps, place names
Transportation Means and aids for conveying persons and/or goods
Utilities and Communication Energy, water, waste water and communications infrastructure and services


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