NAIP 2008 county mosaics, Minnesota: File Details

When you download a compressed county mosaic of NAIP 2008 aerial photography, you will have a zip file that covers one county. The naming convention for the download file is:  "naip08_county" (for example, McLeod County is "").

Unzip the download file to extract the following files:

  • Data files: the 4-band image in JPEG2000 format (.jp2 extension), its accompanying header file (.j2w extension) and a processing file created by the compression software. The target encoding ratio (amount of image compression) is 15:1.
    Naming convention:
    • Each file is named "ortho_1-1_1m_j_mncounty code_2008_1",
      where "county code" is the county number.
      For example, the files covering Watonwan County are:
      • "ortho_1-1_1m_j_mn165.jp2" -- the image file;
      • "ortho_1-1_1m_j_mn165.j2w" -- the header file;
      • "ortho_1-1_1m_j_mn165.txt" -- the processing file, including the compression ratio;
      • "ortho_1-1_1m_j_mn165.aux" -- the auxiliary file that holds projection information.
    • The image file is also accompanied by a shapefile of polygons showing the outlines of the quarter-quad files used to create the county mosaic. Attributes are:
      • QQName:  Name of the quarter-quad
      • BCON:  Acquisition medium (M = multi band imagery)
      • IDAT:  Date the quarter-quad was flown
      • DOQQ:  Quarter quad code made up of:
        • image type: m = 4-band
        • degree of latitude
        • degree of longitude
        • quadrangle number:  7.5' x 7.5' cell identifier for 1 degree block
        • quadrant:  ne, nw, se or sw
      • QKEY: latitude and longitude of the southeast corner
  • Metadata: documentation for the data set:
    • naip08.html: This record, created by MnGeo (LMIC) from information supplied by FSA, applies to the entire NAIP 2008 dataset. In addition to the HTML format, two other formats (.lgr and .xml) are provided for users who may need to edit the documentation (see the readmeta.txt file included with the download file for more explanation of these formats).
    • FSA metadata, one file per county image and per shapefile. These files have a .met extension.
  • NOTICE.RTF and NOTICE.TXT: MnGeo's standard distribution liability statement.

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