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MnGeo's Clearinghouse Data Catalog

MnGeo is moving this information to a new home:  the Minnesota Geospatial Commons, a collaborative place for users and publishers of geospatial resources about Minnesota. Please update your bookmark. Once a dataset has moved to the Commons or has been retired, its link is deleted from this webpage. This webpage will be retired when all of the links are gone.

This page lists GIS data, most of it free, that has documentation hosted by MnGeo. Some of the data is from MnGeo and some is from other agencies. Most data sets provide statewide coverage of Minnesota. The data are organized into the categories listed below. To view information about a data set (its metadata) click on the data set name. Data sets can be downloaded from a link in the metadata except for those marked with an asterisk (*).

See other agency catalogs listed at the Minnesota Geospatial Commons or the MN Geographic Data Clearinghouse for additional data sets.


Administrative and Political BoundariesLand Ownership  |  Social, Justice, and Emergency Services   |  Health  |  Cultural  |  Biology and Ecology  |  Land cover  |  Water  |  Geology and Soils  |  Elevation  |  Imagery and Photographs  |  Basemaps, Scanned Maps and Charts

Administrative and Political Boundaries Political and administrative boundaries and related non-boundary information
Minor civil division (MCD), 2003
Minor civil division (MCD), 1990 (with population)

Zipcodes, 1991
Land Ownership (Cadastral) Data pertaining to interests in real property
Public land survey system quarter-quarter sections (TRSQ)*

Public lands, 1983

Social, Justice, and Emergency Services Human services related to social, justice, and emergency functions
Correctional facilities, 2003
Human Health and Disease Health related information including health services, human ecology, and safety
Hospitals, 2003
Nursing homes, 2003
Cultural Cultural, historical, or archeological information
Architecture history database*  (restricted access)
Archeological inventory database (restricted access)
Biology and Ecology Flora and/or fauna in natural environments
Forest inventory (by county):*
   Aitkin, Becker, Beltrami, Cass, Clearwater, Crow Wing, Hubbard, Koochiching, Lake and St. Louis

Regionally significant ecological areas, Twin Cities
Land Cover Description and characteristics of the land's surface
Land use and cover, 1990s Census of the Land
Land use, agricultural and transition areas, 1989
Land use, forested areas, 1990s

Impervious surface, Twin Cities, 2000
Land cover, Landsat level-1, Twin Cities, 2000
Land cover, Landsat level-2, Twin Cities, 2000

Regionally significant ecological areas, Twin Cities

Water Resources Inland water features, drainage systems and their characteristics
National Hydrography Dataset (NHD), medium resolution

Hydrography, USGS, 1:100,000-scale (all features), customized for Minnesota, state file
Lake features, USGS, 1:100,000-scale, customized for Minnesota, state file
River features, USGS, 1:100,000-scale, customized for Minnesota, state file

River Kilometer Index major river traces
River Kilometer Index stream traces 
River Kilometer Index mile points

Note:  The following Legacy Watershed data sets have been removed from MnGeo's Data Catalog: DNR Major and Minor Watersheds (1999 and earlier); NRCS 11-digit Watersheds, USGS Hydrologic Unit Code Boundaries (1999 and earlier), and the Common Stream and Watershed Information System (CSAW) tables. These have been replaced by the 2008 DNR Catchments and derived watershed layers (state) and the Watershed Boundary Dataset - WBD (national). See MnGeo's Watershed First-Stop Page for information on the replacement data sets.

Geology and Soils Composition, structure and origin of the earth's rocks and soils

Geologic Atlases (by county):
   Carlton Part B
   Crow Wing Part B
   Fillmore Part B
   Goodhue Part B
   Mower Part B
   Pine Part B
   Pope Part B
   Rice Part B
   Stearns Part B
   Todd Part B
   Wabasha Part B

Regional Hydrogeologic Assessments (by area):
   Anoka Sand Plain
   Otter Tail Area Part B
   Southern Red River Valley, Part B 
   Upper Minnesota River Basin, Part B 
   Southwest Minnesota, Part B
   Traverse-Grant Area, West-Central Minnesota, Part B

County Well Index (CWI), 2011
Wells (digitized) from County Well Index, 2011
Metropolitan area ground water model and supporting data
Ground water provinces of Minnesota
Ground Water Contamination Susceptibility in Minnesota (1989 model data) 

Soils - Minnesota Soil Atlas

Peat Inventory Database 
Peat Inventory (Historic) Published Maps and Reports

Elevation Height above or below sea level and products derived from elevation
LiDAR Blue Earth County 2005

Digital elevation model (DEM), 1:24,000-scale

Imagery and Photographs Remotely sensed imagery and photographic data
Orthophotos (DOQs), USGS, black-and-white, resampled to 10-meter, 1991-92

DOQs, DNR fall color and CIR:  2012 (Central MN), 2011 (East-Central and SE MN)

Basemaps, Scanned Maps, and Charts General base maps, place names
Mn/DOT county highway maps, georeferenced images
Mn/DOT county highway maps, PDF graphics

Digital raster graphics (DRGs - scanned topographic maps), 1:24,000-scale, unclipped version*

* Data set is not free online. See the ordering instructions in the metadata for details.

Page last revised:  5/17/2018

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